About Berger Excavating

With a fleet of more than 400 pieces of equipment, Berger is one of the largest earthmoving and underground utility contractors in Northern Illinois.

Through the years, Berger has been recognized as a leading contractor by both the public and private sectors.  One of the keys to this success is the ability to provide our customers a complete site development package including mass grading, underground utilities, and paving.  By staying ahead of technology and continually educating our employees, we provide the safest and most cost effective site solution to any project.

In the public sector, we construct highways, waste-water treatment facilities, and storm water diversion infrastructures.  At times Berger enters into co-bid partnership with other contractors as needed depending on the project scope.

Typical private-sector projects include residential developments, hospitals, restaurants, office complexes, shopping centers, and industrial buildings.


  • Primary Services

    • Earth Moving and Grading
    • Underground Utility Installation
    • Highway Construction
    • Directional Boring & Drilling
  • Subcontracted Services

    • Asphalt Paving
    • Concrete Curb & Gutter
    • Landscaping

Equipment & Logistics

The Berger fleet includes more than 400 pieces of equipment, ranging from small D4 dozers and 953 track loaders up to large 980 wheel loaders and high-capacity 650 excavators.  In an industry where our equipment is our second large asset, only to our employees, we pride ourselves in the ability to deliver the right machine to every jobsite.

In addition to our fleet of heavy equipment, Berger maintains a company truck fleet of more than 30 semi-dumps and lowboys, ensuring that all material and equipment arrive at the jobsite on time under any circumstance.  Our fleet of field maintenance trucks provides rapid service response to minimize down time.

With a strong commitment to GPS guidance and machine control, reworks are greatly reduced resulting in time and money savings.  In addition to the cost savings, which result from the use of GPS, the final product is delivered with greater accuracy than ever before.

GPS Technology

Since the inception of earth moving, equipment operators have taken their references from stakes pounded in the ground by surveyors.  Once the stakes were set by the surveyor, they would be moved and reset many times as the project unfolded.  Today, grade stakes are rapidly becoming obsolete thanks to the use of Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) which send signals to earth.  Onboard GPS monitors allow the operator to grade any given area on the site with a single pass.

Berger was one of the first contractors in Northern Illinois to adopt an integrated machine GPS system in 1999.  Since that time, Berger has continually evolved their GPS techniques and integration as the technology has improved.  A video monitor mounted in the cab of the equipment allows the operator to view the cut/fill areas of the jobsite.  The benefits of this are immediate with increased speed and extreme accuracy.

With the use of GPS, supervisors no longer spend their day resetting and transferring grades, thus they can focus on planning and reducing cycle times of equipment.  At the end of the day, daily production logs are transmitted back to the home office for project managers to review productivity against the original schedule.

Project Awards

Illinois Road and Transportation Builders Association

2017 Contractor of the Year

APWA – American Public Works Association

2017 Metro Chicago Chapter Award – Washington Street Thoroughfare
2016 Metro Chicago Chapter Award – Peterson Road Reconstruction

Great Lakes Contractors Association

2017 Washington Street Thoroughfare

Safety Awards

Great Lakes Contractors Association

2017 Safety Award
2016 Safety Award

Underground Contractors Association

2017 Safety Award
2016 Safety Award